6 January 2014

Wet and windy start to 2014

Stormy predictions set for early 2014 – UK

What a wet and windy start to the year the UK has had so far. Simon Winter Marine, based in the Devon town of Seaton on the historic Jurassic coast and has seen a very wet and windy start to 2014.  As with most south westerly coastal areas the first few months of the year had grim predictions regarding the weather, luckily it seems that the majority of yacht owners have taken the necessary precautions amidst the forecasts of further bad weather.

The office is a very short walk to the seafront, leading to daily updates on the toll that the storms have taken day-by-day.  One storm in early February 2014 saw a local vessel breaking from its mooring and float up the River Axe, when the surge in water eventually decreased the small vessel found itself perched rather precariously  on top of a wall; luckily resting away from the sheer drop on the other side!

For more of our storm updates, including pictures why not visit our Twitter page – @swintermarine.

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